Our Story

Who we are & Why you should enroll

About Law Spectre?

LAW SPECTRE – an innovation of JUSTICEPLUS ACADEMY –  is an initiative in online legal education in Nigeria. It is aimed at bridging the knowledge gap between the entry-point qualification and continuous capacity development for Lawyers, by offering them specialized training to meet the need for continuous education at an affordable cost.

The idea of setting up Law Spectre was based on developing a self-paced e-learning platform with standardized courses which are accessible to all. The courses are designed in a modular form which makes it easier and flexible to read. To facilitate learning on the Go – we have audio courses to ensure that everyone can keep learning.

We understand that self-Learning can be monotonous, and at times learners struggle to complete the course, therefore, to keep them motivated, the platform moves away from text only approach – by making it attractive using variety of visual tools.

Through this platform, we hope to inculcate the culture of continuous learning and ensuring that the gap between skills demanded and skills available can be minimized.

Why Law Spectre?

Law Spectre is designed to, among other things:

  • Provide our learners with opportunity for specialization
  • Increase the scope of their employability
  • Enhance their skill set
  • Accelerate their career advancement
  • Broaden their knowledge of the law

Who Should Enroll?

Although our primary focus at Law Spectre is to contribute to professional advancement of legal practitioners, our platform is also relevant to law students and non-legal professionals who deal with law related issues on a day-to-day basis, and anyone who wishes to become aware of their rights and duties. Thus, learners can be:

Achieve your goals with Law Spectre

Learn essential skills cyber laws, data protection, mediation and much more

Get ready for a career with high demands in mastering new skills in legal education

Upskill your organizationwith on-demand training and development programs

Why take our courses?

In today’s post covid-19 and highly competitive world, education has undergone a paradigm shift. It is no longer confined to textbooks and classrooms. With e-learning gaining popularity, online certification in law is fast becoming a much sought-after supplementary qualification, both for students as well as professionals. LAW SPECTRE therefore satisfies the need for continuous practical legal education.


The platform uses technology to build a network of learners and industry practitioners to make learning easy, interesting, affordable and accessible to multiple of learners not bound by geographies.


Courses are created with the aim of delivering quality education and skill-oriented certification courses to legal practitioners and those belonging to non-legal backgrounds who either work in the industry or merely interested in the knowledge of the law. We make high quality practical legal training easily accessible for all across Nigeria, directly impacting the quality of legal service and legal expertise available to the citizens.


Our courses are designed and developed by reputable academic and practitioners in the field- therefore, giving our learners essential theoretical, practical and professional knowledge with interesting case studies and examples to facilitate learning. We aspire to expand knowledge for individuals and create equal opportunities to learn through our standardized courses that are accessible to all.


Our courses are flexible, modular and practical and are frequently updated with relevant course material and revised content. In addition to comprehensive text lectures, LAW SPECTRE pushes the frontiers by providing students with audio and visual tools incorporated into lectures to make law more interesting and people-friendly.


Enroll with us and make learning a habit for life; stay relevant and meaningful; learn at your own pace.